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About us

About Us

We always provied best features to Clients

Milestone Empire has over the years grown into an Events/Multimedia Productions, Travel and Tours, Trade and Investment Consult and Real Estates Company that specializes in Events Consultancy & Management, TV Production, Business/Vacation/Leisure tours and Real Estates Development & Construction.
Our aim is to create an experience that goes beyond expectations. We are a one-stop-shop fully equipped to produce a range of business, marketing and communication tools from conception to completion.
Fueled by passion and BIG ideas, Milestone Empire provides customized strategic experiences that connects with our clients’ brands and products in ways that are personally relevant and memorable.
Our aim is to create value seamlessly by identifying the need and meeting the objectives of the task at hand. Attention to detail is what we focus on.

Our Mission

Be the lighthouse of Africa through hard work, dedication, commitment and striving for excellence.

Our Vision

To move our generation to the forefront of changemakers making Africa a global attraction

Our Philosophy

There is nothing impossible
The Sky is not the limit but a starting point

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    We Give the best with critical attention to detail

    We have been in the industry for the past 15 plus years delivering nothing but quality and great results


    2, 3 & 4 bedrooms awaits you. We also build to your specification. Our gated community is idle for families. We have be highest quality & highly affordable prices for homes. Don't miss out on our cheap lands for sale in the capital, Accra. We got you covered

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    From Concept to Execution, we got the magic that gives the most lasting memories the goes beyond a lifetime


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    We are specialized and well versed in the fun and rigors of traveling. We have over 10 years of business travels, vacations & leisure trips, groups travel & tours experience. We select the best destinations for each trip we put together.

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    About The CEO
    A great leader with a great vision. The next generations is his focus and setting the right path that makes Africa the place to be (investment, trade, tourism or settlement) is his goal. To Livingstone, there is nothing impossible in life. The sky should never be the limit, but a starting point to greater heights.
    Together we can
    Yes we will

    Livingstone Kwame Lotsu


    The Power Team

    Livingstone Kwame Lotsu

    President & CEO

    Amponsah Ofori

    Chief Operations Officer

    Riis Sorsah

    Director, Events
    Dir. Electronics & Auto

    Dr. Alexander Gattogo

    Director, Marketing
    Dir. East & Central Africa